Rebalance Your Inner You

Energy Wave Massage

90 Minutes

$225 CAD

Your experience includes:

  • Consultation with your spa professional to select the essential oil blend and colour therapy to customize your experience, balance your chakras and target your specific needs
  • 60 minute high performance facial featuring active marine ingredients by Phytomer to deeply hydrate the skin
  • 30 minute program Spa Wave experience with light vibrations designed to enhance the experience with gentle, relaxing music, tones and natural sounds.

The unique spa wave bed is a controlled acoustic, vibrational and color therapy that trains even the busiest brain to relax and induces deep relaxation. Like meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity and vibrational frequency in addition to balancing the chakras. The water cushion carries the vibrational frequencies along the entire body. The acoustic stimulation uses precisely delivered sound frequencies to synchronize the left and right hemisphere of the brain.