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Facial Treament In Victoria BC

Our luxury spa at Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria BC offers a luxurious facial experience with every treatment. There’s nothing like a great facial to firm, hydrate, and regenerate – healing skincare treatments to heal as you appear to turn back the clock.

Illuminating, brightening, moisturizing, and suitable for just about every skin type, our customized facial treatments improves the quality, feel, and appearance of your skin.

Feel luxurious, pampered, beautiful, and soothed… and glow from the outside, in!

Hotel Spa Facials

An ultra-firming and anti-aging COSMOS - certified biotense facial using organic products. Combines various elements for immediate moisture, firming and illuminating results.

60 Minutes

$165 CAD

A fully customized facial that addresses a range of skin care needs such as anti-aging, combination, fine lines and acne skin. Applies organic active marine ingredients that are ideal for all skin types.

60 Minutes

$165 CAD

A comprehensive and anti-ageing Phytomer treatment, clinically tested to brighten the skin and reduce dark spots. A luminous complexion mask bursting with vitamin C leaves your face glowing.

60 Minutes

$175 CAD

A pampering Phytomer treatment to soothe, hydrate and reduce redness of even the most sensitive skin. Fresh melting bi-gel and a rich creamy mask leaves you with a radiant complexion.

60 Minutes

$165 CAD

A full sensory experience. Texture , scents and massage combines a head to toe experience by including hand, arm, scalp and facial massage as well as a specialized detoxifying back treatment.

90 Minutes

$209 CAD

If you’re looking to restore and refresh in luxury, be sure to see the other spa services we offer.

Create an experience that will leave you rested and replenished for days and weeks to come – our Customized Body Renewal offers head-to-toe rejuvenation while our Youthful Firming Body Experience will help you feel toned, refreshed, and youthful!


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