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Advanced Skin Care Treatments

It’s true what they say, “When you look good, you feel good.” A true luxury experience, our Bear Mountain Resort spa in Victoria can help you look and feel your best with a range of advanced treatments developed specifically to provide great results.

Treat yourself with one of our refreshing and rejuvenating treatments: target ageing skin with our microdermabrasion technique, take advantage of cutting-edge skin rejuvenation and revel in our full rebalance treatment experience.

Leave Amatista Spa looking and feeling great!

Advanced Aesthetics

Extend and enhance the benefits of the Microdermabrasion. Available in a series of 3 services for $550. Valid for 6 months.

Microdermabrasion triggers the skin to produce more collagen and elastin proteins while refining pores and minimizing flaws. Treatment targets sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged follicles, coarse skin and stretch marks.

75 Minutes

$215 CAD

Extend and enhance the benefits of the RMD Facial. Available in a series of 3 services for $550. Valid for 6 months.

The RMD Skin Structural remodelling System is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that plumps, firms, tightens, lifts and repairs skin tissue. Customized treatment parameters are designed to treat wrinkles and lax skin to provide long-term results.

75 Minutes

$215 CAD

But this isn’t all! Be sure to check out our other luxury spa services and create your own custom spa experience.

Indulge in additional spa facial treatments such as our Pure Organic Facial that include specialized, moisturizing skin treatment. Our Amatista Spa anti-aging Illumination Facial promotes youthful radiance, reducing dark spots and brightening the skin.


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